The Birth of an Idea

I came across my first seersucker in non-practical application in the back of a vintage store, during a power outage caused by an insane storm. There I was, with the light of my cell phone, digging through the racks assuring the proprietor everything was ok. My scream of "Holy !!!!!!" didn't help but when I emerged, he laughed heartily at me, wide-eyed with excitement. I'm convinced it had to be someones clown costume at one part. Regardless, it was the best thing I had ever seen and then beginning of a killer relationship. 

Fast forward 5 years. I'm working on a film (The True Don Quixote) and since there are 21 days of filming - I decide to do a 21 day salute to my vintage OshKosh overalls. Best decision ever! It made getting dressed at 4am a breeze but most importantly...THE POCKETS. I had room for EVERYTHING. 


The only draw back? The weight of the denim. Once the heat really started to kick got uncomfortable. 

A mission was officially born. 

And now...2 years after that first ping of "I MUST DO THIS"...I get to bring to you...High Kick Clothing. 

I hope you LOVE IT! 

And let me know!!! Leave me comments. Send me emails. Come chat on instagram and facebook. I'm always of the belief that things can be in a constant state of evolution. I'd love to hear what you love, what you like and what you could do without. Let's make this line awesome, together!