What Does Sustainable/Ethical Mean to You?

What does sustainable mean to you?

What does ethical mean to you?

Admittedly, buzz words are usually a big turn off for me. overuse of anything is a turnoff for me. the last statement is truly ironic though, because it’s probably my main point of sustainability.

What do I mean?

Buying clothes with their lifespan in mind.

My goal is to build clothes with a lifespan in mind.

When vintage clothing started to truly become mainstream, knowing your parent or grandparents had some pieces hiding in the back of their closet was like discovering the holy grail.

My other line, Under the Muumuu, started out inspired by my collection of vintage muumuus. Some pieces in there are older than my mother! And they’re still in great shape! Part of my inspiration for this line was a pair of Osh Kosh overalls that I wore for 21 days straight of shooting an independent film. 21 days of the same piece of clothing! (I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it was not having to think about what I was going to wear!)


For me, it’s about building a piece of clothing that can sustain the test of time. I want you to be SO in love with it, you find yourself reaching for it every day. Every weekend. To the point where you kids (or your friends) make fun of you. And then they want to be like you. You get mad because you can’t find it and then you spot it on their body. (Time to order a different color?)

 You don’t think about buying cheap clothes anymore because you’re wearing something thoughtfully constructed and ethically made. It’s a point of pride. You begin to feel the difference and it ripples through the choices you make. You can actually say “I know who made my clothes.” Hell, if you wanted to, you could come by and visit me while you’re in New Orleans. 

And yes, the pieces are more expensive. Admittedly, the cost of producing locally was higher than I anticipated. I’m working out ways to lower the cost in the future while still keeping production ethical. I’m also looking into getting services like Afterpay which allow your purchase to be broken up into 4 payments with zero interest AND you get your order right away.

Sustainable and Ethical practices, for me, are fluid. I’m ok with evolving to do what’s best. I hope you’re into that.

Let me know how you feel!

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