High Kick Clothing

Designed and produced entirely in New Orleans, the birthplace of the first seersucker suit. 

This line was created with a few things in mind:


1. Ethical production - It HAD to be made in a facility I could visit and see that working conditions were optimal, everyone was treated fairly and paid well. 

2. I wanted to produce a product that was going to fit some curves!!!! These pants and overalls will work on every body but I especially designed them for the curves. So often we're stuck trying to squish our thighs and butts into things that just don't want to happen and I'm done with that. 

3. I wanted to create clothing that is a conversation piece. Our boundaries are too narrow and our worlds are too small. If you're wearing something that makes someone stop and say "hey! great shirt!" we've just knocked down the wall a little bit. The feeling stays with you all day long. And it shows. 

It's starting small. But, I know our reach is big. 

Are you with me?